Arroz Ribera del Turia para
“The Banks of the River Turia” Rice

Serves 4

-20 gr regular paprika
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 60 gr finely chopped tomato
– 240 gr pumpkin
– 200 gr turnip
– 200 gr parsnip
– 240 gr celery root
– 200 gr in season wild mushrooms
– 120 extra virgin olive oil
– 300 gr free-range chicken, cut into 15 gr pieces
– 2 artichokes
-320 gr Senia rice
– 2 1/4 litre water
– saffron
-1 orange or orange flower water


* Rub the chicken pieces with the skin of the orange and set aside. Save the orange peel for later.

* Put the olive oil in a pot (a clay cooking pot if possible) and fry the garlic until golden.

* Remove the garlic. Turn up the heat and add the chicken pieces, fry until golden brown.

* Cut up the artichokes and dice the other vegetables and add them to the pot.

* Add the mushrooms and keep the flame high for 4 minutes. Add the paprika and the chopped tomato. Let simmer until the tomato has been somewhat reduced.

* Add the water and let simmer over low heat until there is at least 1.3 litres remaining in the pot. At this moment, add the rice and cook over low heat.

* 5 minutes after adding the rice, add .0025 gr of extra dry saffron and the orange peel. Taste and adjust for salt if necessary. Add any of the following spices: thyme, basil, sage, or any other spice that grows on a riverbank. If using rosemary, use with discretion as it can overpower the flavour.

* Let simmer for 14 minutes, then serve immediately.

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